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Wilson Asfora MD

Neurosurgeon, Musician, Soccer enthusiast

Meet Dr. Asfora

About Wilson Asfora MD

During his long career, Dr. Asfora has worked as a general neurosurgeon, serving an adult and pediatric population in the United States and Canada. The scope of his practice included brain tumors, pituitary tumors, orbital tumors, brain stem tumors, cerebrovascular surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, radiosurgery, functional neurosurgery including Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders and spine.  Dr. Asfora met all requirements and received his board certification in Neurosurgery by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1990 and the American Board of Neurological Surgery in 1994. He is licensed in the states of South Dakota, Florida and California. 

Dr. Asfora has authored 34 publications on issues related to neurosurgery including a book chapter on spine biomechanics.    Dr. Asfora holds 80 patents and has developed numerous medical devices in current use at hospitals around the world.  He is best known as the inventor of the Subdural Evacuating Port System (“SEPS”), a minimally invasive life saving device used to treat subdural hematomas and promote brain expansion without entering the subdural space. 

Dr. Asfora has published 51 YouTube videos of surgical technique and his music compositions. He appears in a number of other videos which are not included in his YouTube channel. Dr. Asfora has recorded a CD as a solo guitarist playing only original music with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.  Dr. Asfora has been a lifelong soccer enthusiast and to this day plays soccer, midfield, in an adult recreational league.  Dr. Asfora also enjoys deep sea fishing and fishing in general.   


Medical School -  Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil and Oxford University Medical School, Oxford, England.

Residency in General Surgery - Matarazzo Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil.

Residency in Neurosurgery - University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Straight Surgical Internship - Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Residency in Neurosurgery - University of Ottawa, Canada and University of Manitoba, Canada.

General Neurosurgical Fellowship - University of California San Francisco.

Radiosurgery Fellowship - Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts.

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